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VersionDateDescription (short) 22:00:00update to Suse 13.2 --> update to mysql 5.6, use java 1.8 21:00:00User improved, Calculation time improved 21:00:00Add Calender 23:00:00Add bgimage to menu 23:00:00Add Dictionary tags 23:00:00Improbve dictionary 23:00:00Add dictionary 23:00:00Improve menu (iconactive) 23:00:00Add diary 21:00:00Correct class Website insert into 01:00:00TimelistData CSV - Anpassung für Zelisko 22:00:00Photoalbum changed (thumbnails and html-files in special root-folder not longer in photofolder) 23:00:00Correct Fahrtenbuch 23:00:00Correct FormularTag 23:00:00TimelistStatisticData only uses duration greater than 0 23:00:00StatisticData Timelist improved, Statistic Timelist adapted on TimelistCalculationTime 23:00:00StatisticData Timelist improved, Photoalbum improved (menulist) 23:00:00StatisticData Timelist improved 22:00:00HTTPS-Login added 22:00:00Image magic removed 22:00:00Handling of url with ending '/' improved 02:00:00Added Componentsdata 22:00:00AddressbookTag added 22:00:00SelectTag improved doOneGroup corrected 23:00:00SelectTag improved doOneGroup for better speed 23:00:00Added TimelistScience 23:00:00Added TimelistCategory and TimelistReference 23:00:00Grundaufzeichnung extended with Q 23:00:00Order for download added 20:00:00Improve Timelist 23:00:00Add TodoList 23:00:00Adapt TimelistData, EinnahmeAusgabe, Fahrtenbuchitem 23:00:00Add FahrtenbuchItemStatisticData 09:00:00Add Fahrtenbuch
Implement UpdateCondition
Improve HeadTag from admin (create new will create elements for known parents) 22:00:00Added TimelistVehicle. 22:00:00Implementation of mail improved. 09:00:00Class SelectTable for statistic corrected.
Implementation of tags for webmail. 01:00:00Implement own webmail.
Improve menu 20:00:00Implement own webmail.
Add class TimelistCalculationTime.
Rename MySession to SelyWebSession. 22:00:00Large contentsinfos will be stored in files.
Description for menus are also stored for multiple languages (description added to class MenuName)
Optimize SQL-tabels to increase speed
Improve Lending (for seleting) 08:00:00Add Watchdog for website.
Add required methods in MyConnection because of new version of Connection.
Saving of contentstypes file and image corrected. 23:00:00Extend ConnectorPin
Improve ElementFieldDouble 20:00:00Add possibility for scrollable checkboxlists and use it.
Correct PhotoalbumData - view photoalbum when not logged in 22:00:00Correct Exception in EinnahmeAusgabe
HeadTag for Statistics improved.
Select Fields for EinnahmenAusgaben in EinnahmenAusgabenGroup 10:00:00EinnahmeAusgabe changed order and implements ElementShowTableselect
TimelistData imeplements ElementShowTableselect
Improve SelectBaseTag and use it
Add ElementShowTableselect and use
Add method getAlign for ElementField and extended classes 23:00:00HeadTag for admin does not show subselects in edit window
Add method hasMore to class ElementFieldContainer
Correct handling with subselects in class Person
ElementFiledContainer and EditTag can hide ID's for edit 23:00:00Improve Adressbook 10:00:00Corrected problem with EinnahmeAusgabe (select companies)
ElementFieldLong - do not set data if parameter is not found
Add Subselect to EinnahmeAusgabe and TimelistData
Add method getItemFromBuffer to Database and use in ContentType
Add interface Buffered to EinnahmeAusgabeType and EinnahmeAusgabeCathegory 10:00:00Add Nachtrag to EinnahmeAusgabeAdd CSV to StatisticElement and use in all statistics 21:00:00Add GrundaufzeichnungStatisticData 01:00:00Improve EinnahmeAusgabe (tax, number), selection corrected
Improve EinnahmeAusgabeStatisticData
Improve ElementField, SelectBaseTag, HeadTag, BaseTag because of NullpointerExceptions
Improve TimelistData - report
MenuListTag uses targets if available, take concern of seperators 19:00:00Add flags to EinnahmeAusgabe.
EinnahmeAusgabe is userdependend. 10:00:00Add accessrights to download
Modify check of groups in User (method isInGroups)
Improve editting for groups 10:00:00Add Errormessages
Improve Thumbnail (create thumbnailfolder) 03:00:00Improve ActionForward.
Add Groupable to EinnahmeAusgabeCathegory and use in Statistic. 10:00:00Improve EinnahmeAusgabe (only some companies are available) 20:00:00Add owner to addressbook 14:00:00Add WebmailIdentity. 14:00:00Add Webmailaccounts and actions for Webmail.
Add webmail dtw.webmail. 01:00:00Modify subselects in EinnahmenAusgabenStatisticData.
Error in PhotoalbumTag corrected 23:00:00Error in Menugroup corrected. 12:00:00Improve implementation for statistics. 02:00:00Implement SubSelect for TimelistStatisticData 12:00:00Implement SubSelect for EinnahmeAusgabe
Add Tag ShowButtonsTag for statistic 23:00:00Implement file FileAccess and the ability to upload files.
So implementation of DownloadTag and PhotoalubmTag has been redesigned. 10:00:00Implementation for EinnahmenAusgabenStatistic added.
Add class DownloadStatisticData.
Change basics in ElementFiled. 23:00:00Improve classes for EinnahmenAusgaben. 23:00:00Change implementation of methods equal. 18:00:00Add EinnahmenAusgabenType and Category to EinnahmeAusgabe.
Add Tags for Website IncludeTopBottomTag and SetInfoTag. 10:00:00Change info chown in TITLE (added name of menu) 10:00:00Add types for EinnabmeAusgabe 22:00:00Error in menu corrected (robot fields) 23:00:00Add servlet Robots. 20:00:00Add servlet Sitemap.
Error in Menu correctes (save/edit parameters)
Class ElementFieldSelectWithKey added 08:00:00Rename to
Add Anlagebuch
Add class LastModified 08:00:00Correct link for help
Correct detection of use javascript. 21:00:00TimelistData finished to create open items and close them.
Improve Edit tag and ElementFieldContainer to be able to do edit without Admin tags. 08:00:00Convert some characters for input fields in contents. 19:30:00Error in Guestbook corrected.
Improve EinnahmeAusgabe. 09:30:00Improve implementation of timelist 21:30:00Correct problems with updateing/clearing data in cables when editting them.
Add method getElementListAddAddOn to class VariableElementFields and change method addElementField.
Correct error when deleting Cable and CableConnector 08:30:00Implement Cable 17:30:00Change implementaion for SystemMessages for virtual messages
Add parameter LOCK_DATABASE_AT_START to configuration file.Corrected errors in jsp-file for editing contents. 17:30:00Correct errors with handling subselect.
Correct error in PersonContact.
Error for creating contents corrected 22:30:00Add connector database
Implement ElementFieldContainer
Remove name from ElementField and get name instead from ElementFieldContainer
Remove function for printing from EditTag and move to ElementFieldContainerEditable
Implement EinnahmeAusgabe and EingabeAusgabeGroup 02:00:00Error in ActionForward corrected (check extension)
Send redirect of link, if link has changed. 02:00:00Correct error in class Website
Correct error in class Domain 02:00:00Implementation of content changed. Infos from content are stored in own table. 08:00:00Add lastchanged to Person and PersonContact 18:00:00Check in class PersonContact method getAllBirthdays the ID of PersonContactBirthdayID (stored in ConfigurationWebsite).
Correct error in MediumData when searching medium datas.
Add methods to SelyWebSession (spezialisation of getParameter). 18:00:00Improve statistic for timelist. 22:30:00Improve logging in Thumbnails for Photoalbum.
Add implementation for birthdayreminder. 22:30:00Add interpreter for ContactTypes (e. g. PersonContactEmail, PersonContactDate)
Change find menu in class Menu.
Add InvalidTypeEditException and check in HeadTag for edit 23:30:00Add possibility to show CompanyPersons for Persons in addressbook.
Cosmetic for Subselects
Show ElementFieldFlags also as checkbox-list 23:30:00Error in ActionForward corrected (show no access when no menu found)
Remove class Lender and use Person instead.
Change Lendings (remove Preselect, add Subselect) 23:30:00Improve search for persons
Correct error with subselect in HeadTag
Change implementation for medien lenders 21:30:00Implement search for Persons
Enable return links to other sites while editting elements 21:30:00User are persons
Reduce constructors in ElementFields 23:00:00Correct errors in CompanyPerson.
Implement companyimages.
Implement getParameterValues for multipart-messages 22:00:00Implementation of Adressbook
Add VariableElementFields to enable dynamic edit-formulars 07:30:00Error in HelpContentTypeField (create new instance - change headline and shorttext) corrected
Change implementation of xml-decoding in ContentType (error if data between tags has more lines corrected)
Correct some errors in Taglibs (errors from HTML-Validator) 20:00:00Correct return value of class CounterStatisticData of method getElementName to CounterStatisticData
Correct Error in Counter when removing counterdata 20:00:00Search for media tree orientated 20:00:00Medien can belong to other medien e.g. Muti-DVD to DVD
Find medium datas per artist 20:00:00Add a check field for forums
Correct error with language in systemmessages 20:00:00Check if guestbook-item is already added
Error in CounterStatisticData while setting dates corrected 09:00:00Show image of invalid language in back menu 20:00:00Implement my own connection 20:00:00Logging for access without ActionForward improved
Error in getMenu in Menu corrected (compatibility to old datastructure) 20:00:00Correct error delete error from content if there is no one to delete
Implement ForeachTag's and delete classes ResetLanguageTag and SetLanguageTag 21:00:00Corrected ClasscastException in Menu and SystemMessage in method delete
Correct error with languages in cotents in class ActionForward 02:00:00Implementation of Languagedependend for SystemMessage 23:00:00Check if request per ActionForward 18:00:00Change implementation of interface Languagedependend 23:00:00Error in show ShowInfo for contents corrected (element not found)
Error in servlet Download und Image corrected (invalid actualid)
Implementation of Languagedependend 23:00:00Correct error in edit contents - check for .do and not .jsp
Update game FreeCiv 17:00:00Create IncludeTag to avoid errors when try to include do-files 14:00:00Implement class ActionForward
Remove all AddMenuTags (they are no more needed) 01:00:00Correct error when get an relinked menu for found content in class Content
Remove unused throws 09:00:00Correct error while occures when edit contents (use parameter not coded when inlcue file). 09:00:00Error in DatabaseAction corrected (new driver cannot convert 0 to timestamp)
Convert blob fields to text fields in the database. 22:00:00Remove method setBasewebsite from class IncludeTopBottom
Moved methods for FreeCiv from class SelyWebSession to class Science
Moved methods for search MediumData from SelyWebSession to MediumDataMoved methods for Fish result from SelyWebSession to FishError in class Menu method getByKey correctedSet property for JMagic in ConfigurationWebsite 22:00:00Implement functions for Editable in Lending
Add method getInvalidMenu to class menu
Use invalid menu in SelyWebSession if no menu can be found. 22:00:00Corrected Error in ElementTiemstampValue 22:00:00Correct errors for relink - use menues for links
Allow GuestbookItems not to be checked for locked Database
Store actual menu in SelyWebSession in attribute 22:00:00Add functionality for relink with menuid
Correct errors for relink - use menues for links 23:30:00Use MyBoolean from
Enable and disable relink of contents in Menu 23:30:00Implement relink contents (show /content/show/1.html instead of /content/show.jsp?contentid=1)
Correct error with parameters containing special charaters (ParameterNameValue) 12:00:00Allow Contents to disable showing during creation
Add CancelTag to content tags
Add method getLendingsOpen to Lender and getLendingsForLenderOpen to Lending
Add field specialtype to contenttype and use it
Error for sorting leveldependen elements corrected 09:00:00Show right menu after log in/out (correct AddMenuTag's)
Improve tags for loginout to show print neccessary fields 09:00:00Continue implementation of mailinglist (procmail)
Improve class Mailinglist
Add ElementFieldMailData
Add class MailinglistMailCorrect problem while editting MediumDatas with medium 22:00:00Improve TransferdataIPFM
Correct error in Help (double border attribute) 20:00:00Add availability to remove old count values (to increase speed and decrease size of counter table)
Use MyTimestamp instead of Timestamp
Error in DatabaseAction with use of MyTimestamp corrected 09:00:00Implement catch FileNotFoundException for servlets
Database is lockable
Moved MyTimestamp to project tools
Add Statistic functionality (Interface StatisticElement and Tags for statistic)
Use the statistic tags for intranest statistic
Use the statistic tags for counter statistic and remove native implementation. 22:00:00Start implementation of use procmail for mailinglist
Error while saving contents with language corrected (index-field)
Tags IsInfoTag, HasNextTag and HasNotNextTag are implemented in CheckTag (in content and content.edit)
Error in SelectTag for photoalbumkey corrected and more selects implemented
ContentTypeField allows for selections Elements too
Refactor class menu
Move ByteBuffer from to 22:00:00Warnings corrected (e. g. serialID) 16:00:00Rename some classes 20:00:00Continue implementation of mailinglists 15:00:00Add interface Leveldependend to Photoalbum and PhotoalbumData 16:00:00Start implementation of mailinglist,
Error in DatabaseAction correctd,
Types in PhotoalbumData new implemented
Use own MyBufferedReader from instead Reader from Tomcat 16:00:00Dependency from project FlatControllerDesktop to project Website cleared and exclude tools to a own project 00:02:00Error in menu corrected 23:00:00Change Developmenttool from JBuilder to Eclipse 08:00:00Implement flat controller 15:00:00Add multiple parents and use this for better editting of contents 08:00:00Add features for edit contents 08:00:00Implement "LevelParameter" 20:00:00Implement Rate for MediumData 20:00:00Implement Leveldependend for ListItem and Owner of Babylists 23:00:00Continue documentation, rewrite package baby and tools, correct error in Content (Nullpointer Exception in getElementInfo) and Menu (createInstance), delete OrderFileList and use OrderComparable 00:30:00Rewrite Database (new DatabaseAction, DatabaseException) and new concept for taglibraries (processStartTag and processEndTag).
Error in MediumData corrected (getAllElements, removeArtists, addArtists, removeLanguages, addLanguages)
Continue documentation, rewrite counter and content 23:30:00Continue documentation, rewrite package games and package download 21:00:00Continue documentation, rewrite package games, error in SystemMessage method findByKey and Image corrected 20:00:00Continue documentation, rewrite package html, help, guestbook, corrected error in database getItemsFromIDFromDatabse 08:00:00Continue documentation, rewrite package language and images 18:00:00Continue documentation, rewrite Configuration and package medien, errors in User corrected 22:00:00Continue documentation, rewrite packages menu, error in Domain (getAll) and Group (setData (ResultSet)) corrected. 23:00:00Start documentation, rewrite packages user, transformer, tools, servlets and photoalbum 22:00:00New Menu and MenuBase 19:00:00Do not add every save of a content the language none 22:00:00Multilanguage-Support, Pools, Database 20:30:00Check login/logout earlier 20:30:00Error in MenuListTag correctd 08:00:00Database- and connection-pool 22:30:00New Database (especially buffering), Base-Tag, SelyWebSession 18:15:00Databasebuffer in database is not set to new Hashtable when new instance is created 18:00:00Deleted some tags for contentedit, function moved to tag showinfo and tag checkbox 07:00:00Images bufferd 06:30:00Show process time 07:10:00Languages got buffered 07:00:00Error in Menu (Nullpointerexception) corrected. 23:30:00Show correct language from content 14:30:00Error in BaseSelectTag corrected (an invalid image) 14:30:00First implementation of Languages for Contents (edit) 00:30:00Error with parameter actualwebsite corrected, changed to getWebsite() 23:00:00Basics for multilanguage-support implemented 22:00:00All Messages changed to SystemMessages 23:30:00Error in MyTimestamp corrected (change year) 15:00:00SystemMessages added and implemented instead simple prints 18:00:00SystemMessages implemented 18:00:00Output of contents will be bufferd 18:00:00Help Content implemented 18:30:00Corrected error with comments in edit contents 23:30:00Class Image implemented 08:00:00Content uses comments for unused space (images are shown in a atable in the full frame) 09:00:00Class Website has more infos (author, headdescription, headkeywords) 23:30:00Help for contentfields implemented 18:30:00Help for elementfields in administration implemented 00:30:00Content (decode contents only when needed) and SaveTag (wrong inputs don`t be lost) updated 18:00:00Added new Tag: Formular-Tag 18:00:00New code for getHeadTag in ContentTags 18:00:00Error in edit Content corrected (select.jsp) 22:00:00New CounterStatistic (robots) 22:00:00Class Parameter creates & instead of & 08:30:00Corrected error in SelectTags 22:30:00Corrected error in forum 08:00:00Log download of files from contents 22:00:00Error corrected in Save Content when save more files 17:00:00Get Website corrected (get Website from menu, if menu can be found) 09:00:00When delete a element from a select: after delete done, select previous element 19:30:00Corrected create content in content and tips 01:00:00Corrected problem with automatic start of website (e.g. after reboot server) 22:00:00Problem save big files in contents corrected (MEDIUMBLOB) 01:00:00Error in save contents corrected (saving big files), Changed select single Download and single Photoalbum 18:00:00Changed ByteBuffer - increase speed 23:45:00Corrected error in DownloadData 23:15:00Error in CreateWebiste corrected 00:15:00Added Subselect 15:00:00Error with Leveldependend in OrderArrayListElements and HeadTag corrected 09:00:00Error in ContentToMenuGroup (getTips) and reoder from Leveldependend corrected, Tips are not shown in LastContentModifiedDate 22:00:00Menugroup and ContentToMenuGroup are leveldependend 08:00:00Elements can be leveldependend 19:00:00Multiple parrents for contents 19:00:00Accessrights for tips added 08:00:00Corrected Error in edit photoalbum 18:00:00Menugroups added 17:30:00Corrected error in edit menu, counterlog and login 20:00:00Corrected error in photoalbum (select page) 00:00:00Added basics for tips 22:00:00Edit contnets without open menu and allow to change contents-dependencies 23:00:00Corrected some error at working with contents 23:00:00Corrected error at saving contents of other owners 22:00:00Added Changelog 22:00:00Added content download 18:00:00Login-error corrected 21:00:00Added content photoalbum 20:00:00Added CMS (Content Management System)
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